Pseudonymz is a small press specializing in nonfiction books about gaming, science fiction and fantasy. All of its books are available from Amazon (for Kindle and in print), the Apple iBookstore, Kobo Books and other online retailers such as The Book Depository and Barnes and Noble. Gaming related titles can also be bought from DriveThruRPG / RPGNow (as ePub files for the iPad, the Nook, the Sony Reader and other devices, as mobi files for the Kindle, and as watermarked PDFs for computers and tablets).

All Pseudonymz eBooks are sold without Digital Rights Management (DRM) technology, but are copyrighted.

"As a principal editor of the Encyclopedia of Science Fiction, I was awestruck by Neal Tringham's transformation of our games coverage from a few overview articles to a wide-ranging book-within-a-book – many hundreds of intricately linked entries running to over 225,000 words. Here now is his distilled wisdom in a single volume which would have fascinated that pioneering games fan H.G. Wells."

– David Langford on Science Fiction Hobby Games.

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